STERTEC - Cappa flusso laminare

Thinking Safe

Limiting microbial load, improving your professionality

Main features

Stertec 5.7

It is a laminar flow biosafety cabinet that ensures a local aseptic environment during medications and minimally invasive surgeries.

The ventilation system and the emission of filtered air generate a controlled environment that is compliant with an ISO class between 5 and 7.


These systems reduce to a minimum the dissemination of organic residuals and limit their bacterial load.

How it’s made

  • ventilated cabinet
  • biosafety cabinet with HEPA filter
  • pivoting arm support
  • LED light with 3 intensity levels illuminates the working area
  • four light spots delineate the operating field
  • includes a camera that can be activated to monitor surgeries

Patented Technology

Intellectual property is covered by an international patent

Comparable to the operating room

It achieves a controlled and qualified environmental condition of class between ISO 5 and ISO 7

Multiple application fields

Optimal for small surgeries or medications in Podiatrist’s practices, small general surgery clinics, cosmetic surgery practices and veterinary clinics

Easy to use

The biosafety cabinet embeds a touchscreen for easy interaction


Wheels allow for the cabinet to be easily moved

Adjustable arm

The pivoting arm allows precise positioning of the biosafety cabinet.

Who is Stertec


Stertec is focuses on the development of medical devices designed to create a sterile mobile environment with ultra-clean air production for small surgical procedures.


Stertec is a company registered in the ordinary section of the Innovative Start-Up companies since 04/07/2017.
The Stertec team comes from the deep experience in the field of human health, deriving from the development of pharmacological approaches and innovative medical devices, including the field of podiatry and in particular the management of the “diabetic foot”.


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